Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday so far

Since last night Mikayla has developed a cringing type pain in her belly and is refusing to eat. I went and seen her today and she was acting as if she was scared. She had nurses in the room and her mom all trying to make her eat. I sat beside her as I entered trying to see what was going on and the nurses began hooking up a appetite stimulant. After a little pep talk and some advice about eating she ate a ham sandwich for me. I told her the pain goes away if you eat and that it will stay away as long as you eat foods like ice cream and sandwiches. Sometimes we try to explain about the feeding tubes and how it is better if she ate instead of having one inserted. I think that scares her too much now. She wants to eat, but is scared her pain will worsen. There is a fine line between scaring her into eating and letting her know she is capable of doing it on her own.

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