Monday, October 5, 2009

Over the weekend until now

Sorry, we are getting so lazy on the blog. When we forget to update we hear about it fairly quickly. Saturday and Sunday was a lot of just us hanging out. We watched movies and talked. Mikayla seemed pretty good. No major issues. Without jinxing us I am proud of Mikyala. Her blood counts so far are still showing negative for blasts. Blasts are good indicators for Leukemia. Her counts are all low, but with some divine intervention things will proceed down the correct path. If all stays the course we should be getting ready for her transplant by the end of October. It is going to be a rough experience. She will get a round of chemo and 4 full body radiation courses before the transplant. The chemo itself we are told is really mean. I personally have heard nothing but bad from people about radiation therapy. The levels which what they treat her with are stronger than xrays, but about 1/4th of what they would put to say a brain tumor. We are currently studing to determine if the choices ahead are the correct ones or not. We want to do all we can, but we don't want to cross the line and do more damage then she can withstand. Any comments or experience in this matter we would love to hear from you. As always my family would like to thank everyone that is supporting Mikayla and her family on our difficult journey.

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