Thursday, October 21, 2010

MRI results

The results have come back for her MRI. They found necrosis of the joints and are certain it is from the high doses of steroids during December. Little is to be done for now because she doesn't present any pain or symptoms associated with the necrosis. We were offered a full body CT Scan to determine how much damage has been done to the other joints, but opted not to proceed. We weighed the good and bad and decided that if she doesn't have pain or symptoms currently that we need not subject her to anymore radiation than needed. At some point in the future we will have to deal with it, but for now I think is ok that she takes a break. The spot on her lung still remains sort of a mystery. The words from the lung doctor are "It looks like it is small and from a previous infection, maybe from her past H1N1 diagnosis." also when asked she says, "No, I don't believe it's cancer, but rather something in the line of what I just stated". Half assed assuring!? At best she is saying she doesn't know what it is or what it is from and told us to come back in 3 months for a follow up scan and we will see what is happening. All and all we came away from clinic feeling better and more optimistic than when we went in.