Thursday, October 8, 2009


Mikayla was still in pain. She complained of stomach pain and cried after bowel movement due to pain in her bottom. I have asked nurse to possibly get her something for acid reflux. She tried to swallow zantac pill but did not work. So we had to go to liquid form but she almost threw up. It helped for breakfast but she did not ask for it at lunch time. Instead she asked for nausea medicine and pain med. All she ate for last 3 meals since Tues was few bites of spaghetti and broccoli. She ate better for supper with little complaint until its time for bowel movement. For last 3 days she has been crying everytime to goes to bathroom regardless her stool is soft. She doubles up and in tears during and after mostly after she poops. Resident assessed her the night before and the following morning and sees no tear from outside but I know there is something wrong inside because she should not be experiencing that kind of pain. Again I asked diff nurse to please check with the docs. I was so frustrated. I felt like it was up to me to figure out what medicine will work or what test to administer. Nurse paged the resident and was told ,that it will be discussed tomorrow with rest of the docs and possibly CT scan. The severe pain goes away after 15 min. I cannot stand it when my kids are in pain and there is nothing I can do. I wanted to cry with her when she hurts but I have to be stronger so she does not get scared. I have to assure her that it will be ok and we will find something to help her. Malachi was not too happy either. Did not want to eat much. Spits everything except fresh strawberries and grapes. Worried he is not getting enough protein and iron. He did better for supper as well, but been a cry baby all day. What a day !!! But its ok and its going to be better.
On the other hand, she is looking forward to Friday. She learned a couple of rubber band and paper clip tricks this afternoon during a magic show in the play room. She cannot wait to show Daddy , Kuya and sissy. Mike and Damien told her via oovoo that they will be here early that day since there is no football practice and Mike will even pick them up by 2:45 from school so they should be here before 6 pm. By the way Darian's hair looks good for picture day. She is excited. Mike is feeling better compared to Tues. Damien's grade in English/Language Arts is better.
Thank you very much for all the prayers and support. God Bless us all.....

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