Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mikayla missed her brothers and sister

Mikayla is missing brothers and sister. Mike still fixing computer issue so she can see them online. She asked for them everyday. It is very hard for her and me but we try to re channel our attention to something else or we will just be sad all day. That is not cool. Still no fever and hopefully it stays that way. She still has the cough but I am hoping it will go away before transplant. BMT nurse was here this morning and said the transplant will be delayed a week due to the flu. She will have vision test, more labs , developmental test and spinal tap before the transplant to get baseline. Malachi will also have some tests but don't know when. May go home for a break but it will all depend on the team decision and consideration of what happened since last Saturday when we found out she is positive for Type A flu. Since she has the flu , she cannot have school here, she cannot be with child life person, but they are able to bring art and crafts stuff for her to do and movies to watch. Things may not always look good at first but without a doubt it will be better. It will be good. Our family and friends have been praying and supporting Mikayla and her fight from the beginning. She became strong in all aspects because God was listening. We all became stronger , better people because of this. We will continue to fight whatever we encounter along the way. We will continue to hope , believe and pray... Because nothing..I mean nothing is impossible if God is in our life.............

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