Saturday, October 24, 2009

At home for a very brief break until BMT

It's late Friday night here at home and Mikayla is resting after a rough last hour or so. She is much better now after taking nausea medicine. Everyone has managed to catch a vacation from the hospital until October 27. It's a short unplanned break, but we will take it. Her first day back she was very excited and active. Today was a little bit less than exciting for her. She complained most of the day about a belly ache, but refused to take the medicine that would make it stop and thus ended up getting sick before the day was up. We still have a long weekend ahead before we all transfer to Kansas City for her BMT. Tomorrow Damien and I will take part in a fundraiser for Mikayla at Landreth Park. It's an intimidating 5k walk/run. I would love to see you all there. Take care and God bless.


  1. I am praying for all of you...Please let me help you in some way... I disconnected my home phone so my cell phone is the only number I have...434-0460 I love you all.. I work 4 to midnight at the Sheriff's Dept and am off Tues and Wednes....Call any time....Liz:)

  2. prayers going out for you and your family.We were in the hospital all week last week.There was a little girl named Mikayla and Nevaeh said I know a girl named Mikayla and was disappointed to find out it was not the same Mikayla!LOL!