Friday, October 2, 2009

Malachi is Big 1

Yes my Malachi is 1 yo. Thank you Lord for this gift. Mikayla is so excited. She tells everyone to do the Bday cha cha song for him when they come to work. Mike told me last night that a lady he went to school with is having a bakery in Kansas City deliver cake today. Thank you so much. That is so thoughtful of you. Even my friends in Joplin area are wanting to help me celebrate his bday at home. But I just can't celebrate without the whole family anymore. Mikayla and I missed Damien's bday party this summer . People have been so nice to us. We praise the Lord for all these blessings, all our friends and family praying and supporting us non stop. Everyone who follows the blog, thank you.
We will wait for Mike , Damien and Darian and celebrate Malachi's 1st bday ..... Again Thank you to all . God Bless.............rea


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Malachi.
    Mikayla you are such a good big sister to let all the nurses know your brother is having a birthday. I hope you are feeling much better today. love Myra
    P.S. Hang in there Rea. Angels are dancing in your favor. Just vision that. love Myra

  2. aw, Happy Birthday Malachi! I hope you guys have a great family celebration! Always praying for you all!