Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Belly ache.....

Tonight she complained of her belly hurting. She does not like to take medicine by mouth , so when she complains of pain and asks for medicine, I know she is hurting. She also said, it's about 9/10 pain. I called the nurse and asked for the night resident to come and assess her. He evaluated her and said that it can be just from chemo or the loose stool that she had which is also from chemo. They will monitor, and he understands that parents know their kids more than the docs, that to make sure I notify the nurse for anything outside ordinary. I promised Mikayla , I wil sleep in the rocking chair between Malachi and her so I will hear her right away if she needs me.
Mikayla very excited that her brother, Malachi will turn 1 this Friday, Oct. 2, 2009. She told everyone she talked to , that Malachi will have his bday this week. Will buy a cake , just don't know how , but I will get one and celebrate in the hospital. Mike and 2 older kids will be here that night. I want to thank the Lord for giving us Malachi ... oh gosh ,I cannot stop crying, ......... The Lord gave us Mikayla's match.... We are so blessed...God is so so good....Thank you ....


  1. You made me cry too as people say everything happens for a reason and everyone has a pupose on this earth. I guess in alot of ways this is true.I am always here for you. Dont hesitate to ask if you need anything. I love you guys.We will see you soon. Ayden and mikayla are very strong. I dont know how they do it. Remember we will get through this heartache as i sit here and cry. See you soon love you. Geneva LOTS OF PRAYERS FOR OUR BABIES!

  2. I am like the other post. I sit and read and cry. Hang tough Rea. You all will make this. You have to be overwhelmed at times, you and Mike both. But a parents love is going to help you all make this climb. PLEASE KNOW YOU ARE ALL CONSTANT ON MY MIND AND PRAYERS. LOVE GRANNY bILLYE

  3. Praying for you and your family.

  4. Always praying for you and your family,we love you all. God is good, get your strength from Him.

    Love Ellie, Carey, and Rick Howerton

  5. I find it amazing...and so true....God gave you Malachi, a perfect match donor, for Mikayla, before anyone even knew she was sick.... God is our strong tower....Praying for your family