Saturday, October 17, 2009

I hate flu..........

Malachi is better, fever free since midnight last night. Mikayla's cough was getting worse. Found out this morning she caught a Type A flu. Broke my heart. It made me feel really upset. I asked the nurse, "Why is it that no matter how much I try to prevent my kids from getting sick , then something like this will happen." The hospital started a new rule today, no siblings or visitors below 18 is allowed to enter the hospital. The doctors, nurses and child life thought they can do something for us. Child life asked them that since Malachi basically lives here that he gets to stay as long as he is not sick. The other kids will still see Mikayla but in Ronald Mcdonald House. Her doctor will give her a day pass to go to RMcD house as long as she is feeling good and stable. Now since she caught a flu, Malachi cannot come up , and she can't be out of hospital even on a pass. Still don't know how it will affect bone marrow transplant. I am hoping that she does not develop Pneumonia and that she responds well to the flu medicine. Doctor said ,it is never good to get a flu for anybody but for her , it is better to catch it now and they are able to take care of it easier than if she would have caught it during prep chemo for BMT and during bone marrow transplant(BMT). Right now she has a little bit of immune system versus on bone marrow transplant it will be nothing (zero). But I will not lose hope, she will be fine..she will get over this stinking flu and we will go to transplant....thank you for your prayers and support...........


  1. I think the new rule is a little drastic for families. Iam sure they feel it is necessary but when you are living in the hospital like your family, it is also just as important that the all the kids have as much family time together. Seems like Mikayla is at more risk going to the Ronald McDonald House for a pass than to have her own siblings come to her.


  2. mikayla good job sweetie we are praying daily for you.mike this is aunt nancy i'm praying for you and your family" just keep trusting god .when it seems like everything is so wrong god steps in one more time to prove he is your " strength. so just keep your eyes on the lord. I love you aunt nancy amie and kids