Friday, October 16, 2009

What an eventful day.....

Thursday we were told that pathology is back and there is no Leukemia in her bone marrow,,,YIPEE SHE IS IN REMISSION!!! Thank you God...Excitement is over flowing every where. Even nurses and CAs came to the room , so happy about the result. I sent text message to everyone I know. Mike did the same thing. We are on our way to bone marrow transplant.SOON!!! Malachi and Mikayla will be having some tests before the procedure.
Mike had to pick up Malachi because he was not feeling well. He was teething (finally) and was running a fever. So he cannot be around Mikayla. But when they got home , he was having more trouble, including breathing. Mike took him to emergency room so he can be further evaluated. He was running 104.1 temp. McCune Brooke Hospital in Carthage ,MO is as close as Freeman Hosp from where we live. Mike said it was quiet there last night so Malachi was seen right away. Negative for flu, neg for RSV, neg x-ray , waiting for strep result. Fever was down so they went home. Thank God he is ok. So hard to be away. I know without a doubt Mike will be fine with the kids but as a mom , it was hard not being with them. Mikayla was worried about Malachi. Damien and Darian were with them in the ER. It was past 12 am and Damien has a test Friday. Kids are going to be tired all day today. Malachi cannot be around Mikayla until he is symptom free for at least 24 hours. So we don't know if they will be here tonight. Hospital will have a new rule effective Oct. 17. NOBODY UNDER 18 allowed to enter hospital except the parent of the patient. We are trying to see if they can arrange something for MIkayla who is a long term patient.
I know that everything will work out. Everyone is praying for her. All our friends and family never stop praying ... hoping... believing....and fighting with us. I know that God will continue to heal her and take care of my family.
I posted something in face book yesterday. This is just one of the things I learned from this experience. I know you will find this true because I did... WE TRY SO HARD TO CHANGE OUR LIVES , WHEN LIFE ITSELF WILL CHANGE YOU...........
Again thank you for never ending prayer and support. Our family is so grateful and blessed.

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