Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday into Monday

Saturday overnight Mikayla had a fever. This excluded her from the play room all day Sunday. Sunday was more just hanging out doing fun things like board games and telling stories. Make-A-Wish came in to do an interview, but neither one of us knew really what to do, because Mikayla bounces back from healthy to just ok. Sunday was time to leave day and it went pretty well this time. With the addition of the webcam she felt more at ease. Monday she attended her "school". We have set an appointment with the bone marrow transplant team on Thursday to discuss all things related to the transplant. This is the meeting where we will be able to better understand a time frame as well as the procedure itself and what to expect. Her chemo is going well. We have just a few more days to go. So far from her CBCs she seems to be on the right track.

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  1. is she back home?Words cannot describe the feelings i get from knowing these childrn our in pain&have so much more to indure.I know that all this is hard on mommy& continue to be in our prayers&in our thoughts.