Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Day of Chemo

Sorry if we haven't updated the blog. Today, WEDNESDAY is is last day of her chemo (third course), yipee!!!!! Tomorrow starts counts recovery. We will be here at least until the 28th day from Saptember 23, 2009. She will have bone marrow aspiration approx. 28th day and we will know leukemia blast. We are praying and hoping that she goes in remission, then on our way to bone marrow transplant. We will meet with the bone marrow transplant team tomorrow at 11 am and discuss details of the procedure. She is looking good, had a hair cut last night. Again , anything is possible ... we believe in miracles... our Faith in God makes everything possible. Your prayers and never ending support keeps us going. God is good .... Fight Mikayla !! Fight!!

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