Saturday, September 26, 2009

Having a good time hanging out

This is the first time since being here when Mikayla was not sick that she didn't go to the playroom. She wanted to stay in the room and visit with her family instead. Today was an ok day for the most part. Towards the end she started trying to have a fever. When I left it was right under the mark to be considered a fever or not. Unlike before I think the chemo is making her sick. She handles it well and after she is done goes about her business as if nothing had happened. Today went really fast. We discovered we could now use a webcam to communicate back and forth from home. That is a major deal. I have been working on that since July. We talked a lot today about nothing really at all just general stuff like farts, hair, school, etc. She watched Honey We Shrunk the Kids. She has gained some weight. I think she is bigger now then she has been at any point in her life. She discovered that a present the "toothfairy" umm Devine sent had a multi-colored pencil. She was so excited and had to show everyone that it wrote in two colors at the same time. We played the operation game and she swears that even though it buzzes that she still wins. All and all a very good day.


  1. You are all in my thoughts everyday. You have such a strong family. Mikayla is so lucky to have all of you. If there is anything we can do, please just ask. Take care. Debi, Kevin, Jordan and Abbey

  2. Love you KK,see you next weekend.Grandma

  3. Glad to hear shes having a good time. Tell her Carissa misses her!

    Cute design also!

  4. whoaaaa mike!!!! double kudos on the site!!! i wonder if kk know that she has such a cute blogspot for her?!

    im glad she liked her sweet pencils! i figured she's a "creative princess"!!! i'm going to try to come up there to visit on my break, hopefully she will be in a playing mood like the last time i was there! it was so much fun!!!

    you guys have a great day!!!

    much much love!!!!!

  5. I just stopped by to say hi,I love Mikayla's page,it is beautiful!Your daughter is a beautiful little girl,my heart goes out to you&your family.i understand your pain.My daughter Nevaeh has ALL and all this is so new to us.I will pray for your princess and hope that if you ever need to talk i am here.I hope you will visit my daughter Nevaeh's blog.Keeping you and your family in my prayers.May God give you the grace that you need for this journey we travel.