Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eventful 24 hours

Yesterday, the vascular team changed Mikayla's bandage in the afternoon and added a lotion to the site before applying the bandage that covers her picc line. A picc line runs out of her arm all the way to her heart for chemo and meds. While taking a shower last night Rea placed Press N Seal over the bandage to make sure it did not obtain water. This is part of her daily shower ritual and is a requirement. After drying her off Rea removed the Press N Seal as always, but this time it pulled an inch or so of her picc line out. When the nurses and dr. came to inspect it they recommended that it go ahead and be removed because of the chance for infection. This was pretty traumatic for Mikayla. It was painful and completely unnecessary if the vascular team stuck to what they always did which was to apply the bandage without the lotion. After pulling it out there was discussion whether or not the picc line had broken off inside and nobody could find the exact measurement it was supposed to be. This morning had an ultrasound and xray to determine if it had broken as well as having to go through the pain of having another put in. I was there and believe me numbing or not it was painful. There is some bright news though. Mikayla lost a tooth today. She was brave enough to pull it herself. It currently is in a ziplock under her pillow awaiting the tooth fairy.

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  1. I heard the tooth fairy left $10. I am very sorry Mikayla had to go through all of that.

    Lexi's mommy