Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trouble Brewing

All her CBCs are dropping. Today we were notified that she now has blasts showing in her blood. Blasts in laymens terms are Leukemia. We were told that we should be prepared for the possiblility of a bone marrow transplant by the end of the week. In all reality her whole course of treatment is going to change. She looks good and is playing well, but inside she is not functioning right. The rounds Dr. said it is unusual that her counts have not gone up, but seem to only be going down now. Normally they will see a small fluctuation daily until you see a permanant rise. Mikayla did that for 4 days then has steadily declined. The doctors said they are not being alarmist, but rather don't want us caught by surprise when and if her therapy changes. We really don't know what to read into all of this. It's as if they are withholding a tiny piece of the puzzle that we can't see. There is always a chance of relapse of Leukemia. More than a 50% chance by this stage. Usually from what we hear and read that is the reason we come back for 2 more rounds of chemo. Not fully understanding why a rounds doctor would even mention that we may end up with a BMT by the end of the week. She said the reason for the BMT was because of the blasts. Truthfully we are trying to get her real doctor in for an education session. We will be able to better understand what is happening after we speak to him.


  1. So sorry to hear of this! I hope that you are able to get some answers from Mikayla's doctor so that you can better understand what is going on.

  2. Praying for you today that you can get your dr. to come by and help you understand better what is going on.
    Hugs to you all,
    Brooke and Daniel Roy

  3. I'll be praying all day that you get the answers you need and that the answers are good and for comfort while you wait. love you all.
    Ms Amanda