Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slip of the tounge!

We have just finished talking with our doctor. Turns out the earlier post about an early bone marrow transplant was just a slip of the tounge. The rounds doctor misspoke and said "bone marrow transplant" instead of "bone marrow aspirate". HUGE difference! Not being here it is hard to visualize being surrounded by 5 to 10 doctors and having none of them correct the other when they say something like they did. Us as parents suck to the place we were at when we first heard of the cancer. I think I have learned not to listen to the rounds. They are the ones that told us she would not need a BMT and 20 minutes later her doctor said we did. Anyway, things are a bit different. Because of her counts we may see that the Leukemia has come back. This was expected and isn't really alarming. If it is the case then she will start next round of chemo on Friday. All of which is completley understood.

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  1. I can't even start to understand what you and Rea are going through. I pray for Mikayka all the time but for the two of you always too. It has to feel you are on a roller coster of emotions all the time.I am so proud of you both for being such good parents I also am proud of her, what a girl. I love you all. Granny Billye