Monday, August 3, 2009

Not going home for break just yet

This is a little confusing to me so if I lose you I apologize. We are concentrating on two number the ANC and APC. To make the ANC higher you need to produce APC. Her ANC was on the rise for the past few days, but today it went back down to zero. Her APC looks good (don't know the actual number) and the doctors say that her ANC should be back on the rise. To constitute a trip home her ANC needs to be a minimum of 250 and to have been on the rise for the last 3 days. Next up was her bone marrow aspirate. Her aspirate will determine her Leukemia count. It was scheduled to take place on her 28th day here or August 4. Because her ANC is at zero the test will be delayed. Delaying the test delays the amount of time spent at home. Her next round of chemo should start around 2 weeks from now. With the tests that need done as well as waiting on results and ANC numbers to increase at max she may get a week at home. Overall she seems pretty damn good. She still plays all day and is eating well. Her weight is becoming more and more normal Mikayla weight. Her hair seems to have stopped falling out, but will continue to do so when chemo begins again. She now wants to be a nurse when she grows up. The nurses here let her do most everything she wants. We should talk to our own doctor sometime very soon and he should help me understand better as to how long we wait and if her counts are typical.

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