Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Mikayla is a very strong girl and I see that everyday. She is very smart. Teacher today said that any kindergarten teacher would want her to be his/her student. She will also tell the teacher tomorrow to bring hard stuff for Mikayla to do. Another volunteer who happens to be a kindergarten teacher and had worked with her in the past said that she has 20 kids in her class now and only 5 can recognize their name while Mikayla can write her full name. Mikayla is AMAZING. Special thanks to Ms Meme, Ms Jessica, Ms Amanda , Ms April and Ms Cooker. And my wonderful husband , Mike who makes sure KK makes it to pre school while trying to take care of Malachi, work and pick up Damien and Darian everyday.
We face challenges every day, some are easy , some are hard , and some are harder but there is nothing impossible if you Believe.... I love my husband and all our children and there is nothing that we cannot go through... To all our family and friends , thank you for Praying and Believing with us.....


  1. I think Mikayla is one of the smartest, bravest little girls I've ever met. Any teacher would love to have a classroom full of Mikayla's! I believe 100% that she can pull through this! And you're right, nothing is impossible if you believe and so many people are believing and praying continuously for KK. God has plans for her and we all will keep praying!

  2. We are all believing and praying with you Rea! Faith, Hope, and Love are what keep all of us pulling through with our days. Those are even more important when you're going through something as life changing as this. All of your children are amazing. They are great kids and I am so glad that my children have been able to grow and be in school with them!

  3. Sounds like a super dad to me! I know that Carissa has learned SO much from preschool and loves it very much there.
    She continues to pray for Mikayla all the time. Its so sweet to hear a little one pray.
    Stay strong.. and know that you are loved and thought of daily.

  4. I Believe...I Know...Mikayla can rise to any challenge! She is an AWESOME BLOSSOM!