Monday, August 24, 2009

Leukemia Blasts

Today, while Mikayla's doctor was visiting, Rea asked about her blasts. To us her counts looked great. Her ANC had risen to 30 and the blasts were at 3% which had fallen from 8% a few days before when her ANC was 15. Her doctor had a different opinion. He was concerned about the blasts. After a brief discussion it was said that Mikayla had about a 50% chance to achieve remission with this round. Before we started this round of chemo we were told that nearly 90% of the kids that don't reach remission with round one will reach it with round two. So much for percentages! Her bone marrow aspirate will take place around Monday next week to determine if the Leukemia has remiss ed or not. If not we have somewhere in the neighborhood of four "miracle" drugs that will be experimented on her. Others have tried them, but she will be a guenia pig so to speak. These are promising drugs for the future and are in early stages of usage from what I understand. I don't really want to know what happens next if we get to the point where we are trying to cure her with unproven drugs. We are desperately hanging on to hope that her body will find in itself the courage we all lack to fight back. Nobody has control over their own fate, but maybe there is a way that somehow when you believe in something great enough it will happen. There is science but there is FAITH.....



  2. Miracles do happen everyday and we claim one for Mikayla!!!! If we all unite and believe God can and will give our Mikalya restored health. You are not alone Mike and Rea, I'm sure it feels like it at times. But a sea of people out here are believing and uniting in prayer for Mikayla. At the darkest times is when we have to believe the strongest. I love you all so much. Granny Billye

  3. Mikayla - you are an inspiration to us all!