Friday, September 3, 2010

Settling in Seattle

Well it's been 2 months since my last post and many things have happened. I guess as you can tell by the picture Mikayla is doing really well. One year ago we had nearly finished 2 rounds of chemo with little to show for it. Her had not achieved remission and our minds were swirling about what lied ahead. It was a hard road to travel, but I think things are working out well. Mikayla has some residual effects from treatments that include chronic cough, nasal problems, and two different colors of skin. Time will dictate, but from what we understand these should all clear up with time and treatments. We miss our family and friends, but we are starting to settle here nicely. Our care team in KC was the greatest and will never be replaced, but so far the team here is doing pretty good. Our oncologist has hooked us up with a geneticist to evaluate Mikayla's genes to help determine what is what and reasons that may or may not be. Confusing yes, but in the end maybe I will understand exactly what is going on because it is way beyond my minds capacity to identify with. We have made our big move and things are going great. Here in Seattle it always seems to be comfortable outside. We have taken a liking to the outdoors and enjoy all that the sound boasts. Parks, lakes, and mountains to name a few. Mikayla wants to go, go, go. There is no stopping this girl.


  1. Love and miss you,Mom and Grandma

  2. Prayers go out to your family from the Hughes family :)