Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good Morning to you all our friends and family. July 4 , 2009 KK complained of severe back pain so we took her to the E.R. where she stayed for almost 5 hours and came home with antibiotic for possible UTI. Then Sunday was here and she was very tired , running a low temp fever and just did not feel well. July 6. 2009 , she still feel the same , I went to work , Mike was watching all the kids. Today was the day , a year ago when I got the phone call from Mike that she developed numerous bruises all over her body. I left work at 1:30 pm , and called her Pediatrician and was told to bring her in around 2:30 pm. I was very scared. Had this feeling that something was not right. When Dr. E saw her , he said , "I don't know , but we may have to rule out LEUKEMIA." There was silence in the room , I was hoping it was just a dream. But it was not . We were told to go to the E.R. for prelim labs and wait for a phone call. Things were not looking very promising. We got a call 4:45 from her Dr. and we were told to start packing , he is sending us to KC....Our lives were never the same since then. It was a very long journey. I saw my family fight!!! I saw my daughter FIGHT!!!! I saw the world fight with us...All the things happened to us made me realize that there is a bigger power who is in control. It is true, that there is nothing that God will give you that you cannot handle. With our family, my husband , my kids and our friends we are still here FIGHTING!!!! and WINNING!!!!
Mikayla is doing great. She is in remission.....She is back to her laugh, her orneriness , her bossiness ...she is a MIRACLE!!!!!!! Today we celebrate strength , hope , faith , courage , love , patience , Mikayla's fight and most importantly, MIKAYLA'S VICTORY!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS...........

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  1. tears run down my face as I read this, I know your pain... it sounds so familiar to me. Nevaeh is fighting this battle with Mikayla and they are winning! God's Love is seen through them. I know its hard seeing the suffering and your heartbreaks everyday for your daughter but know one day it will be better and they will be Cancer Survivors instead of Cancer fighters!