Tuesday, June 1, 2010

moving ahead

Today, despite what's been going on, Mikayla took on a new challenge. She is now learning to be a competition swimmer like her brother and sister. Her goal is to do at least one swim meet before the end of summer. She woke up early today with a smile hoping it was already time to go and was so eager all day to get into the water. She had fun and now her ego is larger than life. She won't quit talking about it. Good job Mikayla! It is something she has longed for since last summer. She was given final clearance last week. As for the falling down and dizziness we still have yet to receive any new information, but will post what we hear as it comes down the pipe to us. Thank you all for keeping up.


  1. Good job Mikayla!! You are such a determined and beautiful little girl. I admire you for your perseverance. Keep it up. GOD is taking care of you. Keep on smiling princess!

  2. Mikayla, great job. Granny wishes your Mom would put a picture of you traning on facebook so I can post it on my Blog.Please. Love Grannyu Billye