Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long week.......

Tues was debridement and dressing change. She was covered wrapped except face , hands and buttocks. Was in a lot of pain but at least she had anesthesia thru her IV. There was a lot of screaming because of pain/discomfort. They increased pain med. Skin is healing according to the docs.
Wednesday, debridement including face. She was raw on the face , parts of her arms , buttocks and legs. Was told trunk looking really good.
Thurs, back to burn unit for treatment. Got pushed to later slot. No food for 15 hours and no liquid for 7 hrs. Long wait. THis time only arms , top of chest and legs are wrapped. Had active bleeding on her bottom. Skin looked like baby skin specially abdomen area and shoulders. Face still very painful.
Friday, at burn unit for treatment. Instead of 1 pm appointment, was told can do her a
t 11 am. Was rushed to get down but things were not ready. Organization and planning was poor. KK was fine going down but was in so much pain after procedure. Goal was to keep dressing for week end and no dressing change til Monday. PA came to rm later this day and told me that there was diasgreement between depts. In this hopsital what I gathered based on my observation, Burn Unit and Derma Dept don't like each other. Therefore, I was told that Burn U. will do what they want and they don't care what Derma. recommendation as to what maintenance cream to apply. That will put me in between. Paged Dr. Myers , her primary attending and he said , whatever will work for KK is what we are going to use. Still yet to be battled on Mon. We will see!!! Healed areas are looking great. Face and bottom/legs still raw. Still has a lot of pain but she is taking baby steps. So proud of her..........Thank you all for your prayers and support. God Bless us all.

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