Thursday, November 5, 2009


Mikayla started her radiation yesterday. She done a pretty good job at staying brave and still while the procedure was completed. You will see that in the pictures it looks pretty scary even for an adult. She is sitting on a bicycle seat holding onto 2 handles. She had to remain like that for about an hour each time. Yesterday she had 2 rounds of radiation and today she will undergo one. During the night she was extremely sleepy and complained of her ear hurting as well as bad headaches. Oxycodone was used to subdue the headache and worked really well. We have an option for morphine if the oxycondone fails to offer her relief. Friday will be her last round and then she starts with something a bit more familiar to her which is chemo. It's a different type, but she can handle that pretty well.


  1. What a brave litte girl...
    She is in my prayers always...

  2. She is an inspiration. Our hero.