Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great time with kids

We switched places this weekend. Although we are still in the hosp room during the day, at night Mike stayed with Mikayla and I was with the other kids at RMHouse. Spent all day Saturday with Damien and Darian in Oak Park Mall. We just walked around; got a book at Barnes & Noble ; ate cinnamon sugar pretzel; then walked around; got a game; Darian rode merry go round; bought a couple of things ; then ate and had ice cream in the food court; lost my phone in the book store but got it back...GAve kids $20 to spend. Next thing you know its 8:15 pm . It was time to go back and try to make it back to the hospital before 9. Have not been with the older kids in a public place that long. HAd a great time . Damien suggested we need to do this once a month.
Sunday is football day , KC Chiefs vs Dallas Cowboys. You all know who won. Well , KC almost won except they forgot to score at overtime. Ok Ill cut this short, still have to go the store,Mikayla needs some stuff, brrrrr... Thank you for the prayers and support... Great weekend..


  1. I am happy you had a day with the other two yesterday. I am sure this has been so hard on them too. And you need to get away from the hospital once in awhile, if only to clear your head. Rea I am so proud that you are the mother of my great-grandchild and Mike the Dad. You have built a safe place for Mikayla to get well. Sheltering her from the pain and confusion that comes with a bad illness. You have banded together to fight. And I know you will win this battle. I love you all. Granny Billye

  2. I wish she get well soon.I will pray for her everyday to God to make her free of disease soon.