Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everyday is a better day.....

It was a very busy day. Malachi was screaming, nurses and parents all heard him from everywhere. Mikayla was pretty much in the play room all day. Any time she can go , she's there..LOL.
She has 2% blast based on her lab but they really will not know until bone marrow aspiration which can be on Thursday morning. It takes at least 24 hours or so before they get the result. We are hoping that it will be ok. Whatever the result, her primary doctor already has the plan as far as treatment is concerned. We pray everyday that she gets through this and it will always be a better day. Waiting for her numbers is not easy. Those numbers drive me nuts! I don't fully understand them all but I know a little to get by. What I for sure know , MIkayla is very active, playful , full of energy , doing great in school, eats and drinks well,goes to the bathroom and loves & kisses her brother (Malachi)all the time. All these are answered prayers.
By the way , we had a little problem with supper. I placed the order about 6:45 and it was already 8:15 and still don't have them. I did not want to complain because I really try to be patient but I went to the main nurses station to ask because Mikayla and Malachi are hungry and I was so frustrated I started crying.
About 10-15 min later we got the food. The child life volunteer stayed until we got them. While waiting ,I gave Malachi a shower. They ate , then I gave Mikayla a shower. She brushed her teeth. Gave her vanc paste for her mouth. And put her to bed. By 9:30 they are both asleep. And tomorrow will be a better day....
I sent a text message to Mike because I have not talked to the kids. Damien called me back said good night and that he loves me. My Darian is already in bed. I miss them so much. Mike is driving to KC tomorrow after he drops off the kids to school. My sister and brother in law from Seattle are coming to stay for a week to help me out. See , it will be a better day.....
Again , you guys out there who praying everyday , supporting us , sending cards and gifts , helping us financially , organizing and having fund raising events for MIkayla , THANK YOU so much. God Bless and good night.......


  1. I am sooo proud of you rea! I don't know where you get your strength, God has blessed you so much with beautiful and good kids. I miss talking with you! We love you ninang!!!

    Olive, Roy and kids

  2. Rea,
    Think of you and your family every day and keep you all in our prayers. Keep strong.

    Monica (Paris)