Sunday, August 30, 2009

Major hurdle crossed

I guess to begin things need to be updated in two ways. First is her ANC. ANC is the ability to fight infection. Her ANC since we have begun has been 0 to almost 0. On Thursday her ANC had come up to 10. On Friday it was 50. Saturday it was 150. Today it was 90. All of which is great news. Her ANC rising means that her body is starting to function normally. It is a start with no guarantees, but it gives us great hope that Mikayla's Fight is a fight that she is going to win. Her ANC needs to keep rising like it is to be considered for a small break before we continue the next course of chemo. Second we have had concerns about her blast counts. Blasts again are considered to be immature cells that can develop into white cells, red cells, platlets, or Leukemia. The doctor was concerned because for the last week her blasts have been around 3% and they want to see the percentage at 0. There is a lot more to it, but to make it easier to understand it is the simplest way for me to explain it. On Wednesday or Thursday they said that she only had about a 50% chance to go into remission because her blasts were hanging around 3%. We were worried that because of this we would have to move to more risky treatments that included "miracle" drugs. Today, however, we were presented with some of the best news since we started her fight. Her blast percentage was 0. For the first time since being admitted we can breath a sy of relief, the percentage - for now - means that her Leukemia is in remission. We have no guarantees that it will stay that way, but for once if even for a day we can celebrate the fact that one of our major hurdles has been crossed.



  2. keep fighting baby!
    Ninang olive

  3. Praise GOD!!! She is a brave & strong little girl!!! How absolutley beautiful she is too!!!

    Joey Lema Sprenkle

  4. I'm so glad you guys got some good news!!! We'll be praying that good news keeps coming. Tell KK she's looking beautiful and she's a great singer! My sister loves Miley Cyrus so I'll have to show her that video :) love ya KK.

    Ms Amanda Panda

  5. it is great to hear good news today mike and rea you guys truely gave our family an angel tell her we all said we loved her and we will see you guys soon

    will and family

  6. Allison Rion loved watching Makayla sing The Climb! It's one of her favorites!
    Allison says she misses you and wants you to keep getting better!