Monday, July 27, 2009


At Mikaylas request we will no longer change the song. She wants Sponge Bob's song "The Best Day Ever". She is funny. She is waiting to talk to somebody in messenger, but messenger will not work on the hospitals security settings. Instead those who wish to talk to her need to download a program free of charge called OOVOO. Its easy to use. When searching for friends search mikaylasfight. Today she played and played. Now she is resting and says her legs are exhausted.


  1. Mikayla, I like your choice of song. Did you know your Grandma Billie loves SpongeBob. I will have to ask her if that is her favorite song. I love all of you and pray God gives you a Best Day Ever today. love Granny Billye

  2. Great song Mikayla.We used to sing this when you stayed with me during the day.Love you lots,Grandma