Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Play room

Today she was finally cleared to go to the playroom. She painted for about 3 hours.


  1. Mikayla,

    That is a very pretty rainbow you are painting..

    Do you remember the story of Noah's Ark? Where it rained and flooded for so many days and nights.. Noah thought that the rain is not gonna stop, BUT it DID! And after that, came the first RAINBOW, which is a promise of HOPE from God.

    Continue to paint rainbows as you continue to hang on to His Promise..

    You are always in our prayers and thoughts..

    God Bless You..

    Tita Joy, Uncle Mark and Jeremiah Leaming

    Lebanon, MO

  2. Hey rainbow girl...Nice pic!!! luv u smuv u Meme:)

  3. Love the picture KK! You're such a great artist, I still have the art you made me at Busy Bee and the bookmark :)

    love you,
    Ms. Manda Panda