Friday, July 31, 2009

NO I.V. Fluids in 2 full days

Thank you everyone for all the prayer and support... You help us stay strong... KK also pray for all of you every night.
Mikayla is not fond of tubes, IV fluid. When she goes to the play room she wants her arms free from any tubes. So she figured out that if she drinks plenty of liquid during the day and until she goes to bed she does not need to hooked on her machine. So she drinks 12 oz juice(apple and orange), 24oz water, 8-9 oz chocolate milk and 1 ice cream by the time she goes to bed. And by the way, she gives her own oral meds, helps nurse flush her IV meds, and takes her temp. She made a funny remark about nurses. She thought nurses are only girls. Because she had Ryan (RN) for 2days and she gave him high five
Let me tell you , she drinks and eats a lot. It is amazing!!!
Thank you for Praying..... Love you all and God Bless!!!!!!


  1. I called Billie at work tonight because there had been no update. She said all was okay. I am so happy Mikayla is eating and drinking. What a trooper she is. But I am proud of all of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. Granny Billye

  2. Rea,

    Your family is such a model family for all to see. I always have known how much love you have in your family ever since you and Mike got together. I have always believed in you and Mike and knew you two could be strong and overcome anything that was thrown at you. Well the man upstairs threw a strong curve ball to be an example, I know you will stay in the game and never quit.

    Love you

  3. I am so glad to hear that Mikayla is doing well and eating and drinking to stay strong! I am amazed at her strength of character! You two have done a great job with all of your kids! We didn't go to Siloam so would love to hear how the kids did!

    Praying everyday,
    Angel Garrett

  4. Keep of the good work KK...Luv u smuv u...MeMe