Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Make-A-Wish and Home Break Approaching

Today believe it or not has led to some new developments. First, The Jonas Brothers were approached about visiting Mikayla from a friend of ours. They said that we had to contact Make-A-Wish and the KC Chamber of Commerce. Before we contacted them we asked Mikayla if she wanted to meet them and she said no. She prefers to go meet the entire cast of Hannah Montana. Since that is what she wants we contacted Make-A-Wish and have begun the quest to fulfill her desire to meet Miss Miley Cyrus. Also the pathologist is reviewing her blood counts and immune system to make a determination as to how far she has come. They assume we be able to go home for a small break sometime next week. We will find out sometime tommorow. Before we make it home we have to set an appointment for a wig makeover session at St. Luke's. Also we have to take her to the mall to buy candy.


  1. Yes, get that girl some candy!! ;o) I hope she gets to meet Miley!

  2. Aw, that would be so awesome if she got to meet Miley!
    I'll be praying that she's well enough to make a trip home next week, I'm sure that would be nice for all of you. Thanks for posting the videos, it's great to see her playing :)
    love ya KK,
    ms. manda panda