Thursday, July 23, 2009

I miss my so bad

Mikayla does not need to try to make people laugh because it is so natural for her to do so. Things she says can be so serious but so funny. She makes you laugh when she moves, she sings, she dances and when she is just acting goofy. It hurts to see her in bed, when she cries , when she has hard time getting up, when she cant move her arm . I know I see her but I dont see her... crazy but true. I miss her so much..... I am not giving up and will never give up. I know that God is working on our side. I am blessed to have all my family and friends helping us through this journey. I want to tell everyone thank you so so much for everything .
I love you so much


  1. Hey there, it's Lisa Selvey, the administrator at Truman Healthcare in Lamar. Just wanted to let you all know we are thinking about you and your family everyday. I try to read the blog everyday and Mikayla's pictures put a smile on my face. My "baby girl" is getting ready to leave for college which makes me sad, but so thankful for her health. Before you know it, you will be sending Mikayla off to college! If there is anything the group of us at Truman can do, just let us know. But prayers are coming your way daily. She has the smile of a miracle child.

  2. Mike, Rhea and Mikayla,

    Things are sounding good right now. Mikayla keep being Mikayla with your pretty smile and wonderful spunk that you are showing. Mike call me when you get a minute.

    Keep the faith!