Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good News

Sorry for the delay. I left for Joplin this morning to get our older kids from our friends not expecting much to happen. We have great news. Malachi is a match for Mikayla's bone marrow transplant she needs. Nothing is final yet and as we have learned so many times before information and news changes fast here. The transplant team will come speak with us tomorrow with a bit more detail. We plan to ask many questions about the risk to Malachi. If it is too great a risk we will request that they go to the National Donor List. I would prefer it comes from family as the triggers are more match than from anywhere else. I just can't have two children risking their lives at the same time. From what I hear the donor is only uncomfortable for a short time. Like I said we will see. Great news though none the less. After taking a beating for weeks from God, I think he is letting up and maybe our test is nearing its end. Mikayla has done well today. She showed me how much hair she has lost on her pillow and seems to have enjoyed her day.

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