Monday, July 20, 2009

Goal met goal lost

Mikayla has gone 24 hours without a temp! Finally after 2weeks of fevers she crosses the obsticle to be able to get out of the room and they say she can't. Mikayla is in isolation now. We don't have a time frame to look forward to. Isolation can last 1 day or it can last 30. We have to wait for her immune system to start functioning first. I guess that is what cancer is all about. It continues to keep you hoping for something else. No matter. We always step back take a breath and add another goal to the list. Mikayla's outside appearance is fantastic. Her actions and reactions are money. She is so funny at times. Today the nurse came to take her temp and from the lack of anything else to do Mikayla says "I want to take my temp I know how to do it." Ok? I guess from just hanging out and getting her temp taken 20 to 30 times a day she has caught on to how the machine functions. The nurse let her do it and she done it correct. She put the cover on the probe, turned on the deal, put it under her arm, and waited. When it said 38.2 she says good no fever. She knows at 38.5 she is considered to have a temp at that time. Before I started to write an update just now she says "Daddy remember you are supposed to read me a story so I can fall asleep!" It was quiet in here for like 25 minutes and that just popped out of the blue. She is full of one liners. Inside I know there is still problems, but she has come a long way. Today Rea and I took time to go through what people have done and what people are doing to help us. It is remarkable. We are so grateful to everyone. On a personal note this blog is somewhat of a way for us to let others know how we feel. Most of the things here are strickly Mikayla, but I would love to hug everyone out there and say thank you. I am not a very personable or religious kind of guy, but life has a way of making guys flaky. Our friends, family, and community could not be any greater. The love, support, and prayers from all of you are taken with a smile and feeling of gratefulness. Also if there is any chance my English 1 teacher is reading this, "I am sorry, but maybe I need to take it over again for the 5th time, lol"


  1. Way to go Mikayla no fever!!! Now that makes you one step closer to your next goal of going to the playroom.One step at a time you will be there soon.Love you,Grandma

  2. Awesome Blossom!!! Luv u smuv u MeMe:)