Friday, September 17, 2010

Ear, nose, throat DR

Yesterday, after months of waiting, we finally got to see the ENT. He said that Mikayla has some rhinitis (spelling?) and that she suffers from post nasal drip as well as allergies. We assumed that was the case, but that is not really why we went to see them. He prescribed flonase. I told him that I wouldn't give it to her because in the past flonase was the only med she was on when she would just be walking and collapse. He gave me a spill about how it has been prescribed for 20+ years and he has never heard of such a thing. I told him think what you will, but I am not given it to her. He changed his mind and decided on a steroid mixed with saline squirted into the nose. The med is in the family of meds we are concerned with as being the root cause of her skin falling off in December. I explained that to him and the answer he gave me was that it doesn't enter into the blood stream and that he does it everyday. Whatever! So at least we were able to determine that yes she does have PND and the next time she is put to sleep they will remove her tonsils.

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