Friday, May 21, 2010

A Little Bit Different

Last week Mikayla woke on Saturday dizzy and nauseated. At the request of the on call Hem/OC we took her to Kansas City for testing. They pulled a CBC and checked her vitals and wrapped it up by saying monitor her, its probably a virus. Today same thing. I called her NP. The NP confirmed with her BMT Dr. and it was agreed that we need to monitor her. Tonight she gets a nose bleed, not bad, but still it was out of the blue and had not happened since last summer. We call the on call BMT NP, guess what, monitor her. ?@#$#@? When do we quit monitoring and start finding out what the problem is? It could... be a virus. It could... be her heart. It could...., well hell it could be anything from something minor to major. At what point do they actually decide we do or don't have a problem. If you hear a knock in your engine what happens if you ignore it? Maybe it goes away or maybe your engine fails. Are we that different? Wouldn't rather know what is causing the knock, or would you rather take your chances and hope the engine does not fail. That is how I see it. Why wait and see if she has some kind of failure instead why don't we see what the "knock" is. It's probably... blah blah blah. Probably is not good enough and I have voiced that opinion and it fell on deaf ears. I have very very high regards to my BMT team especially my BMT Dr. I don't do anything unless it comes from him directly. If he says monitor I guess we monitor. I just don't like waiting to see what will or will not happen.

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