Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So much for it being the last post

The weeks since posting last are still bringing changes. Sometimes as parents major changes make us believe all is well and there is no need for updates. Yesterday Mikayla's bone marrow aspirate netted that she was still Leukemia free and that all her cells have converted to Malachi's. This week we had a dry run at an emergency with her and it was a major fail. Mikayla had against all odds managed to get Roto Virus A. The virus leads to excessive vomiting and diareha. We were told to see if they can pull blood locally and give I.V. fluids. With a few calls all seemed as if it would be ok. After ariving to the hospital we didn't get treatment for over 3 hours. Hygene was a huge issue as well. The nurses kept forgetting gloves and really didn't know how to do what Mikayla needed. We needed blood pulled before IV, but they insisted on doing it the other way around. This left a faulty picture of what was going on and if she was truely dehydrated. To make a long story short if it was a true emergency Mikayla would need to have service (proper service) in the span of an hour or she runs the risk of having fatal consiquences. We have since talked to the ER management and worked up a plan to have what we need in the time frame we need it.

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