Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out and doing well

It's about 2am Saturday morning and Mikayla is sleeping well. In the hospital she would have a difficult time breathing making unusual sounds and always seemed to have a stopped up nose. When she was released on the 30th it was a huge sigh of relief. The past month or so has been a difficult road for the whole family. She was so far down it didn't seem like she would come back. It all went away as fast as it came. Some great discisions by her doctor i believe led us to this day. We will never know what really happened, but as parents we have to do what we can to be sure it doesn't happen again. That includes making hard choices about what meds she is allowed to take and making sure anything new being done has been cleared through our number one doctor first. All is going well right now and we couldn't be more happy as parents to see our family together once again. Our road ahead is still very long and full of uncertainty. We have learned that each day is just that day and that the next will come soon enough.


  1. so mikayla is home?? (ronald mcdonald house?) congrats if i read the journal entry correct!!!! she is such an amazing girl!!! cant wait to see you guys!!! see you when you are at clinic!!! happy new year!!!

    karen, ca

  2. What a beautiful New Year Blessing! My prayers are always with you. God's peace and love †