Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Lights

All day today Mikayla asked to go see "Christmas in the Park". It's a trail of Christmas lights in the Lee Summit area. The day wore on and I told her we would have to do it another day around 8:00pm. She seemed down so I told her come on get dressed we will go as soon as you're ready. We arrived there around 9:30pm. She enjoyed it and it was the first time she has done something she wanted in a long time. She has to wake up early tomorrow because she has clinics tomorrow to undergo some tests. One of the tests is a bone marrow aspirate. Her blood counts are really good and the results of the aspirate should come out favorable. When we left the hospital she had a bit of Graph vs Host. My intelligence level on the subject isn't that great so we will update next time with what it means and how good or bad it is. She has done well in the short amount of time she has been out. She is eating and drinking well. She walks around more and plays with her brothers and sister. Taking her medicine is still a chore for her though. Sometimes she does it fast and others it takes up to an hour to get it all in. All and all she is doing very well and continues to get better all the time.

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  1. I have read all the updates and it has put me in tears.. Rea we didnt work together very long before all this happened with Mikayla, but you are an awesome person.. I cant even imagine what you are going through, i know jus from what i have read i am in tears, i hope she gets better soon and those blisters healed up..take care.. god bless you and your family..

    Amy H