Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Siblings

On a normal day here in BMT Mikayla wakes around noon. Relying on routine I decided that I would stay up late and get things done which included overhauling her blog. I had just fallen to sleep around 3:30 or 4:00am and was woken up by Mikayla needing to go to the bathroom. I looked at the clock and it was two minutes until six. When she was finished she wanted to watch TV. I said no that she needed to go back to bed and she said NO!!! I am staying awake cause Kuya and Sissy are coming. Today the ban on sibling visitation was lifted giving way to a spark of happiness for Mikayla. It is rough on her sometimes not being able to see her brothers and sister. Today she has been a totally different person. The person or persons that instated that dumbass ban in the first place must not understand what a child here has to go through. After seeing how Mikayla was yesterday compared to today I would love to be able to tell them "told ya so". It's a battle for the whole family and it just isn't fair to make a child go at it without her entire supporting cast. So for now, or at least through the holidays Mikayla's emotional healing will be in full swing. Doctors, nurses,ca's, and medicine can only do so much to heal a person the rest is up to us as family to give her the emotional support needed to complete her journey.


  1. So glad she got to see her siblings. I'm sure that was rough on her and all of you guys. It's great to hear that things are going how they are supposed to be and I loved seeing all the pics of her! And the site looks awesome. Praying for you guys everyday!

  2. I think sometimes of the many children in this world that are sick and do not have the support that Mikayla does. I thank God he sent Mikalya to Mike and Rea. The love of her Mom, Dad , brothers and sister will sustain her until she is healthy again.God surely has his hand on all of you. Even when it was the darkest. Grandma