Monday, November 9, 2009

Chemo is done

Chemo is done. She got sick few times but more yesterday. Her meds are given through her line except for 1. She will have NG tube put in today. This will help her get nutrition specially on days she is not getting anything by mouth and when mucositis hits her bad. Today besides NG tube , is mainly rest day. She will be done with having to go pee every 2 hours by 10:45 am. They had to make sure to goes to bathroom every 2 hours since Saturday due to the chemo drug risks to the bladder. Now we wait for tomorrow, the date of transplant. What I was told is Malachi goes in at 6:30 am to the O.R. , 2-3 doctors will do the procedure/harvest. He weighs 10.2 kilos , they will extract about 20 ml of bonemarrow per kilo of his weight. He will be taking iron sup. for next 8 weeks. After it's extracted , they take it to the lab, will take 6 hours because Malachi's blood type is different but that is not a problem. What will happen is Mikayla instead of being O+ after transplant she will become A+ like Malachi. Then we wait for Malachi's bone marrow to take over. Since they are siblings the risk of graft versus host is less. But we still hope that Malachi's cells don't think that Mikayla's body is an enemy and fight.
THis is what I have for now. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Thank you Lord for everything.

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