Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bone Marrow Transplant

Today our long dreaded transplant took place with a series of events that will continue to play out over the next 100 days or so. It all began with Malachi. This morning around 6am we took him in for surgery to harvest his stem cells. This surgery is kind of gruesome so do a google search if you are interested in what happened. Malachi came out of surgery with somewhat of a hangover that lasted around two hours before he became his self and began walking and talking again. Shortly before he woke they began placing his stem cells into Mikayla. With stress at it's max and imaginations running wild we expected the worse and seem to have come out with the best. Mikayla's body did not react in a fashion that would scare even the most timid of us. It was a huge monkey off of my back. Now that the stem cells are in we will continue to monitor Mikayla for a host of infections, difficulties, and reactions as her journey to 100 continues. Towards the end of this week her body will begin to react towards the many journeys she completed this week. Her chemo and radiation is just now starting to affect her mucus linings making her sick similar to eating bad food and feeling bloated with sinus infections. The stem cells will begin the task of breaking down her old cells and creating new healthy cells. Many things can go wrong and many things can go right in the next few weeks before concerns of damage from this week die down. We will continue to try to keep things up to date and keep everyone informed of the many highs and lows that are still left for our family to face. Thank you all


  1. I'm so glad to hear that part is over and everything seems okay so far for both of them. We will continue to pray that everything goes smoothly in her recovery.
    Jenn Brisco

  2. We encourage you to take a scripture for the day over the next 100 days. Hold strong knowing that our ultimate Healer is in control. We remember those 100 days like it was yesterday. We'll be praying. Yeah Malachi what a little hero!

    Ronda Lawson and family