Sunday, September 20, 2009

Break coming to an end.

Mikayla's brief break from the hospital is coming to an end. We ended up getting close to a week and a half of great time off from the hospital. For the last few days we spent it here in KC at the Ronald McDonald house. On Friday she recieved another bone marrow aspirate to determine her Leukemia count and it came back as being at 61%. Her last scan said the Leukemia was at 16%. Tomorrow she will be admitted back to the hospital for treatments. She will recieve chemo and a promising new drug that is still considered to be experimental for the treatment of her cancer. Mikayla keeps baffeling the doctors. Her type of Leukemia should be considered fairly straight forward as far as treatment goes, but it has been quite the opposite. Our doctor is the number one man for the job, but she has presented him with a huge challange of getting her body under control. Over the next 28 days or so she will continue to recieve chemo and the drugs noted above. What happens after this stage is still a mystery. Originally we were supposed to go in for a bone marrow transplant at the end of the cycle, but now we are going to be facing mutiple forks in the road and the direction we take can only be determined by the way her body responds over this time frame. Outward apperance and actions don't really indicate she is getting worse. When you talk to her she always says she feels great. It again seems to be yet another challange we are facing in a very long road of challanges ahead. Mikayla at least doesn't seem to be affected by any of this. She carries on as if nothing is the matter. She doesn't really know that she is brave, but as most of you know as well as I do, she is one of the bravest little people I know.


  1. You are so very brave.I am so proud of you and hope to be as brave and strong as you are.I love you,Grandma

  2. Mikayla you are my hero, but Mike and Rea you both are too. you have entered into this fight, fight, fight. I love you all. Granny Billye

  3. Mikayla you are an awesome fighter!!! Keep those pink boxing gloves fighting!!! You are a brave little girl! Nurse Shelly - Home Parenteral