Monday, August 10, 2009

My only conflict here.

Yesterday some friends from Chicago area arrived to visit Mikayla. They brought a game thing called a Nintendo DSI and she hasn't put it down since opening except when she sleeps. She has become somewhat of a photographer. Today around 11 the dreaded team of rounds doctors arrived. Again they put us into a scare. They said her Leukemia was at 46% and on the rise. I showed them the CBC sheet and said that her WBC was only 1400 so why should we worry. A doctor said that we are gonna have to change approaches and chemos to be able to combat the Leukemia. Well as a parent the bad news again was taken pretty hard, but you try to keep smiling outside while trembling inside. I asked about seeing our doctor and they said he should be in around 1. Dr. Gamis (her doctor and the best man in world on AML) said other wise. He said she is doing great and that changes in her Leukemia isn't concern for alarm. He said her WBC was at a good level and declining. He explained that sometimes the bone marrow is still trying to rid itself of the original Leukemia it produced and that would more than likely explain the increase in percentage. He said that the Leukemia in the spine was kinda like Leukemia and kinda not. In other words the pathologist is not 100% sure it is leukemia. No changes are to be made to her chemo. We are staying on the same course as previously discussed and that Mikayla is doing pretty good, just the way Dr. Gamis would like to see her. Damn rounds doctors.


  1. Well I'm glad he had some somewhat good news for you then. We've been praying extra hard since you got the news about her spine Saturday. Thanks for keeping us updated. You ALL are in our prayers.

  2. I know as your Grandma I should not say a cuss word on the post. But I feel like you. Damn those round Doctors. Thank-you Mike for all the updates. love Granny Billye