Friday, August 7, 2009

Leukemia still present

Today we recieved the results of the BMA (bone marrow aspirate). We were told that it showed that leukemia was still present. Because of her blood counts and the presence of leukemia she will begin her consoludation rounds of chemo by morning. As we understand it, it is really common for patients of AML to still show leukemia when tested after induction. Mikayla is showing signs of fatigue and as such has been given a blood transfusion that she is currently still taking. A few moments ago we noticed signs that her platelets are low and after the blood transfusion she will be given a plasma transfusion. She is very talkative and is eating good. She is a bit disappointed that she could not go home so we switched rooms and are getting new decorations. She is now in the biggest room in the Oncology wing, room 6. She likes the light in the room because all three colors work. Since we will begin the chemo straight away our stay will be pushed to around September 10 or so before we have another BMA to see our progress. This round of chemo will be a bit different than the first. She may have reactions this time that we did not see last time. Types of reactions typical of receiving chemo. As a family we were a little dis trot that it wasn't eliminated with the first round. Knowing and understanding the disease helps, but we still find ourselves wondering why and what's next. We, I think, try to keep a strong outlook and pray that somehow God will quit testing us and let us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. You are a very strong family and with all the prayers going on you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.One step at a time then one day at a time.