Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Her own little world

Finally found some down time today to update Mikayla's Blog. On Sunday she had acquired Mucousitis. We spoke with her doctor and he put her on antibiotics. By Monday her lips were very swollen kinda like she had been hit in the face. The antibiotics have worked fairly rapidly. Her lower lip is normal and her upper lip has a small spot toward the left center that is still swollen. We ,for obvious reasons, haven't posted any pictures or videos until she is better. Over the course of this time she has remained very active racking up around 6 to 8 hours a day in the play room. Tomorrow was supposed to be her first day of school. Because of the cancer we will see how fall of 2010 plays out for the start for either first grade or kindergarten. The kindergarten teachers have gotten together and decided how to keep Mikayla up to date with school and help with getting her proper worksheets and other essentials. Thank you Bess Truman teachers. She ,like the rest of the kids her age, still received new school clothes, a backpack, a lunch box, pencils, crayons, and shoes. She has it in her own world that she will still start with the rest of her friends, but at the school in the hospital (her hospital room with mom and dad as the teacher). She is still excited to be able to finally begin. She has created her own little world in the hospital. She tells nurses what to do with pills and treatments. She thinks she is the boss of the playroom. She monitors the door for visitors to let them in when the nurses allow it. She uses her bed as a desk and dinner table. She seems to of caught on pretty fast how to adjust to what she has and realizes that despite being in the hospital that she is only limited by her imagination.


  1. you guys are doing a great job within a terribe situation! Julie (northport health services)

  2. Mike, Rea and Mikayla:

    I read the blog today and cried like a baby. I have always thought you two were wonderful but after today I realize you are so special. You guys pay attention to every little detail for your kids (like buying her school clothes) so she still has that experience. You make me so proud to be able to tell people that Mike has always been like my own child.

    Love Angie