Friday, July 17, 2009

What the hell!

Tonight at around 10 the nurse came in to give Mikayla a dose of Chemo. I was like what's that. She said it was a push chemo. I told her we had already been told she had her last dose. The nurse looked confused and left the room for a few moments. She came back with another nurse. They said that she was due for a dose. I said you had better double check because she has had her last one already. They went back and said she had only 19 of 20. I said how do you figure? Mikayla is supposed to finish with a morning dose not a night dose. They said they reviewed the file and she had 19 so this would be the last. Every time a nurse has came in with chemo I have asked when the last dose will be all of them have said Saturday morning. Well being locked up in that prison you tend to loose track of days easily. Still in my head it was Saturday and the morning nurse had already told me it was her last dose that morning. The nurses talked me down and tried to make me understand. They swore that it was the last dose. They assured me she had 19 only and that this is her 20th. I let them inject her because even though it is chemo it is not as mean as the other chemo drugs. I was not happy about it. I bugged and bugged me. I sent Rea to fetch the Dr. I had to get someone I could trust to tell me that I had just not made a mistake by letting those dumbasses inject my daughter with poison she did not need. Rea seen the charts. While looking at them with my wife the nurses seen a mistake and quickly scratched it out. Mikayla was just injected with number 19 of 20 not 20 or 21. I was wrong because the day is Friday and the last is to be on Saturday morning. The nurses were way wrong and could have injected her with the wrong chemicals. That is bull crap! We have time with the Dr. in the morning and hopefully the Dr. cracks some ass after he finds out.

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