Saturday, July 18, 2009


  1. Oh, how heartbreaking! But her new haircut is VERY pretty.

  2. She looks so cute with the short hair cut!!

  3. Mikayla

    We all love your new hair style. You are beautiful just like your momma and big sister. Have a great day!

    Love you


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  5. Hi Mikayla!!!

    i've been thinking about you and praying for you!!! If you didn't know... my mom (tita grace) is a.k.a. the prayer warrior, for some reason her prayers make it to God and He listens to her almost everytime, and she's praying for you EVERY night as well!

    Hopefully I get to see you sometime because I wanna bring you an awesome electric toothbrush and yummy toothpaste with it, it will help your teeth and gums stay healthy even if you are getting chemo treatments! (i just learned it in my pathology class about having patients like you!) so make sure you brush your teeth every day okie?!?!?! hang in there!!! i know you are one brave girl!!! i think you take after your mommy and your daddy!!!

    love ya girl!!!!

    **ATE DIVINE**

    p.s. I LOVE THE NEW HAIRDO!!! i don't think i will EVER be able to pull off a short hairdo... so i'm jealous!!!

  6. Your hair cut is sooooo cute! It's like Ellie Bellie's! I love it:) MeMe

  7. I love your new haircut - way too cute! I am also looking forward to seeing your new blond 'do! You look really good today! Mike, it was good to see you today! Thanks for sharing Mikayla's and your journey with us!


  8. KK,
    I love your new hair cut!! It's so cute :) I can't wait to come see you again. Love ya sweetie!

    Ms. Amanda Panda

  9. Love your new do!!! Very pretty:)

    Ms. April